Thursday, June 20, 2013

Trek Prep

Ed and I are going to be Pa and Ma for 10-12 youth on the pioneer handcart trek commemoration next week. This means we get walk for four days and camp out each night. I can't wait! We got a new tent, to be used as a clothes changing room. We have to sleep under a tarp by our handcart. The tent had poles connected to it and took all of 60 seconds to put up! It was simply amazing.

Small musical instruments are allowed, so I picked up a bunch of harmonicas in case any of our new children have any musical bend. I also put together a book with instructions on how to play 11 hymns on the harmonica.

After several days of stewing about which guitar to take, I decided none of them would do. They were too heavy and to likely to be damaged in the heat and rain. Ed was nice enough to let me buy a new Martin Backpacker guitar, something I've always thought would be a nice addition to our growing collection of musical instruments. It's so cute and compact, and sounds great. I hope we won't be too tired to get in a little fun singing in the evenings.

1 comment:

  1. The tent is way to cute. How hard was it to put away?

    Not sure anyone will feel like singing when they have walked and walked and walked...

    Does the guitar sound like a regular guitar? You will have to make a video.