Saturday, June 29, 2013

Trekin' Thursday

We started Thursday morning with a bowl of cornmeal mush for breakfast. It wasn't the tastiest, but it stuck to your ribs. We were happy to find out that our adopted children had some terrific skills, which included fire building and cooking! Ed and I watched in amazement as they made breakfast for us. I have to say I am reconsidering my opinion of the value of Boy Scouts in a boy's life!

We took to the road, happily, knowing we would not be walking as long as we had the day before. By day two, the kids had it down to a science, taking turns pulling and pushing.

They went over a few logs and even straddled a giant rock.
The hardest part of the trail was weaving our way through a narrow trail where the wheel hubs and the yoke had to be angled through the trees in order to get through.

By early afternoon we arrived at our next camp site, and we had time for some fun, getting our hair washed, making leather bracelets, and cooking tasty little strips of buffalo meat.
Our thoughts revolved around food, and we were anxious to get the dinner stew cooking. Jenesis could really get the flame roaring by fanning it with the top of our plastic food bin!
We also had homemade bread, which turned out delicious in the dutch oven. The girls used one of Mama Smurf's patented cooking techniques-"Burned on the Bottom." The inside, luckily was just right, and with a little homemade butter and honey, tasted like dessert!

After dinner we enjoyed a square dance. The caller did a great job, and Ed and I enjoyed dancing along with the kids. We had so much fun we didn't realize we were the only couple over 18 dancing. We suddenly realized we were bone tired and decided to sit out the rest of the dance.

Our new campsite wasn't quite as nice as the first one. We were cheek to jowl with our neighbors, and were forced to build our fires in the walking pathways. It looked more like a Gypsy encampment than a Mormon Pioneer trek. But, we adapted, and nothing kept us from dropping into our sleeping bags at night and sleeping soundly till morning.

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