Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Visa Hell

Nothing like spending an entire day applying for visas for our trip to China this summer! Ed was so nice to take the day off to drive me to Washington DC to hand in our application forms. He lived to regret that magnanimous gesture! We picked a number and sat down to wait. Our number was 240. When we arrived they were serving 180. After two hours we got up to the window only to be told we'd filled out the wrong forms and also needed our airline tickets. The website was anything but helpful in that regard! So, we went to a travel office where we printed out the tickets and filled out 6 new four page applications. By the time we got back, the windows were closed as they were out to lunch. Fortunately, we got to go first when they opened the windows and even more fortunately, they accepted our applications! If all goes smoothly, on Thursday we will return to pick up our passports with official China tourist visas in them!

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