Monday, July 22, 2013

Hot Car, Clean Temple

On Friday Ed and I went down to the temple to help with the semi-annual spring cleaning. Ed waxed stair railings, and they should be nice and slippery when the temple opens up this week! I learned how to clean silk plants by just blow drying them. It seems to work fine as long as there is no dust build-up. Several years of neglect (as in the case of my house plants) would make that system not as effective.

We gave Joey, from our ward, a ride down. It was a little squishy for him in the back seat. We took the Mini because the Audi was in the shop. Sadly, the air conditioning in the Mini went out as we left the temple to drive home. It was a HOT car, but with the windows down and the wind in our faces, the ride home was tolerable--just like old times. The Audi is now back home with a new set of tires, and the Mini is now in the shop!

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