Friday, July 5, 2013

This Great Land

We celebrated the Fourth of July with a ward breakfast at the park. Helen and I played our Ashokan Farewell Medley for background music, just because we had it memorized and thought, we might as well do it one more time! We also played a few patriotic songs as the ward sang along. We finished with a version of This Land is Your Land with a verse for every state through which I-70 travels from Maryland to Utah.

After breakfast Amanda took us for a hike at Morgan Run, a beautiful stream surrounded by trees. We were so happy that Mary and taken Amanda there while we were on Trek. We had never been there before.

Coda took a few swimming lessons while we were there. Although she is perfectly capable of swimming, when the water got too deep she really preferred prancing along the side in the shallow water, or even better--walking on the path alongside the stream! What a pampered puppy!

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