Monday, July 29, 2013

Liberty Dam Day

Amanda, Ed and I went over to Liberty Reservoir Saturday to take part in the First Annual Liberty Dam Day. It was a beautiful day to wander around the lake and enjoy the view.

They even unlocked the gates to the observation deck for our enjoyment. It was the first time we were able to walk out on it.

The first time we went to the dam we had to walk up the entire 1.8 mile length of the road leading to it, as the road seems to be closed on weekends. The dam was built the same year I was born, so we're both coming up on a big anniversary this year!

We enjoyed the displays and learned a little about water management. We also loved the demonstration of the rescue dog, Liam who went and found someone in the woods and came back and told his owner where that person was! Dogs are so smart! We think Coda would make a brilliant rescue dog!

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  1. Brandy could watch Coda be so smart, of course Brandy would expect her belly to be rubbed while Coda did her thing.