Sunday, July 14, 2013

Winfield Carnival

Ed grew up in a small town called Winfield, NJ. Coincidentally, there is a town just about the same size in Maryland. We went to their Carnival Friday night to support the volunteer Fire Department. It was like a step back into Ed's childhood.

Amanda went with us for the food, and then she talked us into going into the house of mirrors. We liked the Hobbit mirror best.

She also talked us into a few rides. Ed went on the Scrambler with her, but I thought my stomach was really only good for the Ferris wheel! It was a small enough Ferris wheel that Amanda had to get her own car!

It started to rain just as the band was warming up. It was a terrific classic rock band, but they had some pretty fair-weather fans! They deserted their chairs hoping for better weather, which never materialized.

Ed and I and the Halseys were the only people with the fortitude to stick it out. We lasted till intermission, although the Halseys had to leave when the grandchildren became completely saturated. The band made several comments about their die-hard fans with ponchos. That was us. We asked them at the intermission if they could leave when we left. They said they were in it for the long haul. We left them singing in the rain!

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