Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Album Wrap

Yesterday was the last day with the whole family home. We recorded three more songs and called it a wrap. That is 11 songs recorded in 7 days! Dad and I were very doubtful this could be done, but when the hearts are willing (and they all were), anything is possible!

I took a video of the girls doing an acappella version of Just a Little Talk with My Jesus. This video is especially great for the sheepish grin from Crystal at the end. She was thinking about that high note she didn't quite reach!

We celebrated all our hard work this week by going out to Tony's Hibachi grill, where we enjoyed the flaming food.

It was also a goodby party for Crystal who left this morning at 7:30 to return to Colorado. 

One of the new things Whistling Prairie tried out this year was playing handbells. We borrowed a set from my choir director for our recording. We recorded a medley with piano accompaniment (yet to be added). This rendition of Silent Night is from that medley. Last night after Crystal packed her bags we gathered once more around the bells and sight read music just for the sheer joy of it! Brittany says it's like a puzzle, trying to fit all the pieces together just right! 

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