Monday, February 3, 2014

Don't Watch Football on the Sabbath!

Ed and I were the only ones at church yesterday all decked out in our Bronco colors. We were excited for the Denver Broncos to win the Superbowl this year, just like the Baltimore Ravens did last year. It didn't go as planned...

My friend Barb Reger had arm-knitted me a special orange scarf just for the occasion! Even Coda was excited!

We turned on three TVs in the basement and put out some food to munch on. The scene was set!
The Rigbys came over to enjoy the fun with us. The game started badly with the Seahawks scoring on the Broncos' first possession. This is us frowning after that! But that was just the beginning of the blood bath! The basement was filled with moaning and groaning while the Seahawks scored again and again. It was downright embarrassing!

We did manage to have a little fun, tasting some of the root beers we brought back from Duluth last fall. During halftime Ross gave us a short but interesting history of root beer and explained the origins of this very American drink. The Saranac root beer (on the left) was the winner of the taste test, but all the other root beers were just fine, too. None of them was as bad as the Denver Broncos last night!

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