Saturday, February 8, 2014

No More Snow, Please!

Suzanne and Drew and I took the dogs for a walk yesterday. We've been cooped in because it snowed (or iced) too much this week. It felt great to be outside, but the ice on the path was the worst we've ever had.

We had to go really slow just not to fall over. In some places it was a solid sheet of ice, and others it was just crunchy ice. There was an occasional patch of dry ground, but that was few and far between.

We decided to shorten our walk, taking the narrow trail up behind our neighbors' homes. That, also, was a patch of ice! I took the rubber tips off my walking sticks, and really dug in with each step. The sticks saved me from falling more than once. Drew wasn't quite so lucky, and went down several times. Lucky for him he's closer to the ground!

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