Friday, February 21, 2014

Manners Movie Debut

Wednesday night was the premier of our Manners Movie. The Activity Day girls (which I work with in church) put together a movie to teach us about manners. They each sent me a video clip of them using a good and a bad manner, which I compiled into a movie.

For our debut, the stars walked the red carpet (okay, black runner), escorted by the Cub Scouts. They learned how to put their hand on the inside of the boy's elbow to be escorted in the proper way. At first they were a little squeemish about touching a boy, but they rose to the occasion!

The boys were very good about leading the girls to their seats. Some of them wanted to stay and watch the movie, but it was girls only!

The movie included about 18 different scenarios, and had music, voice-overs and captions. I learned a lot about making a movie! The girls enjoyed it so much that it was worth the effort. Hopefully, in the process they also gained a few life skills to help them along their way!

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  1. E loved it! Thanks for all your work. She said she almost cried when she had to walk in with a boy :) funny girl...