Sunday, July 6, 2014

Coda goes to Monocacy Battlefield

We took Coda on our excursion to Monocacy Battlefield yesterday. We felt sorry for her, as we had left her alone at home two days in a row. We read that the battlefield was pet friendly, and we were taking a break from biking. She was so excited!

She enjoyed meeting with the reenactors and sitting in the grass.

Coda liked the canons, but was happy we didn't stay around for the firing demonstration! The fireworks on our street the night before had made her nervous enough!

Ed and Coda posed with the monument built on property still owned by his home state of New Jersey to honor the fallen soldiers of the 14th New Jersey regiment. The battle was fought 150 years ago on July 9, 1864

Coda's favorite part of the trip was the concert in the Best Barn given by the Wildcat Regiment Brass Band of the 105th Pennsylvania Regiment. They played on authentic instruments from the time of the Civil War.

Here is a small clip of the band, featuring a cornet soloist, who happens to also be a professor of music at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. (Who knew there was an Indiana in Pennsylvania?)

At the Worthington Farm we saw a demonstration of a cavalry charge, featuring a handful of Rebel troops against a similar number of Union troops. While that was fun, it would have been even more fun had they been brandishing sabers and firing weapons!
We collected trading cards of people and events in the battle. After we got the entire collection of 11 we went back to the visitor's center where they gave us this nice backstrap bag for our troubles!
We stopped at Sonic in Frederick for dinner. Coda and Judy were worn out and took a nap upon arriving home. We're glad Ed is going back to work tomorrow! We need a vacation from our stay-cation!

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