Sunday, July 13, 2014

Common Ground on the Hill Festival in Westminister

 Ed and I went up to Westminister yesterday for the Common Ground on the Hill Music Festival. It is an all day event that celebrates many different types of music, on four different stages.

We got front row seats, as I wanted to be there early enough to hear the bagpiper open the program.

Happily, we also got there in time to discover a lot of craft booths, and I got this really pretty stone necklace!

The African drummers and dancers were very entertaining. They made me wished I'd signed up for camp last week and taken a djembe class!

The best group of all was Footworks, a traditional dance group backed up by a fiddler, banjo player and a drummer. We were especially proud to find our friend, Marcia (fourth from left) was a member of the group!

We also had time to wander over to the snack trucks. We enjoyed these fried Twinkies, which was really just a Twinkie dropped into hot oil with a funnel cake. Who knew Twinkie makes a banana cream flavored one? We'll have to go back next year and try the blueberry ones!

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