Thursday, July 24, 2014

Still Cookin'

The Pearl Strings played at Fairhaven today. It was a full 3 months since we played the same set at the Senior Center! We had rescheduled the gig at Fairhaven twice, but we love them so much that it was worth the wait. We had a big crowd and they were very appreciative! (We will play for clapping!)

We wore matching aprons to go along with our food theme. We called it Cookin' with the Pearl Strings. We had spent several weeks recording our songs in June, which was fun. Hopefully, I'll get around to mixing them some day. Miss Carol was there with her brother, Hap (on the front row, right). Her sister, Alice, was also there, but you can't see her in this picture. We had a great time, and I'm still smiling thinking about how much fun we had.

Afterwards we stopped over at Rita's for ice cream so that we could talk about how good we are! It's great to be a Pearl String! We have laughed and shed tears together. We have exercised our creativity together, and some moments for us have been just musical magic! Good times!

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