Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Stammtisch Black Stories

We had our third Carroll County Stammtisch yesterday at the South Carroll Senior Center. We had two new members, Goswin and Christine. Goswin is from Germany, but has lived in the US for many years. His wife has picked up bits and pieces during their marriage, but wants to up her game.

Gudrun, is also a native German, and they are a great support to our group. We talked about World cup soccer, (Go Germany!) Weinheim (Gudrun's hometown) and played Black Stories in German. We used a German card game (Rabenschwarze Rätzel) to guess in which macabre ways people died or maimed themselves. We were not very good at it, but it was still good speaking practice.

If you would also like to try solving a few mini mysteries yourself, here is a link to the card game we played.


In addition to being available on Amazon.com, you can also download it as an app in either the Apple store or Google Play!

Viel Glück!

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