Saturday, August 23, 2014

Eldersburg Ward Talent Show at the DC Temple

Our ward had a talent show in the auditorium of the visitor's center Wendesday night. June and I took the opportunity to stop off at Cafe Rio for dinner on the way down. June only ate half her dinner. Singers have to watch what they eat. I was playing the banjo and finished my dinner!

The Big Bush Basement Band had their premier that night. I was really proud of them! They did a great job, remembering all the little details we had talked about in practice!

The Pearl Strings had to wing it without Barb, our bass player. We tried to pick songs where the bass wasn't important, but there weren't any! We hope Barb comes home from Florida one of these days!

Sorry about the shaky video (by me)! Here is Swallowtail Jig by B4.

And here they are again, on Country Roads!

Here we are on Shoo Fly Pie, the only song we have memorized! We also did Berry Picking Time, which was a lot of fun!

By the time we left it was dark, and the temple was so beautiful. Jen, June and Judy stopped for a picture. Helen, who was in charge of the whole event was still inside cleaning up! She did a lot of work on the show, but it turned out great. There were some other great numbers, and we really enjoyed the show!

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