Friday, August 15, 2014

Ghost Walk of Gettysburg

Ed and I drove up to Gettysburg yesterday after work. We live so close that you can drive up in under an hour--that is unless you run into a parade down Main Street in Littlestown, PA. After waiting for a steady stream of parade vehicles to make the left turn in front of us, we finally flipped a U-ey and found another way out of town.

We joined up with the Original Gettysburg Ghost Tour at 8 p.m. Our guide, Sandy, was dressed in period costume and had a cool lantern!

We met Suzanne and Ross there, who were celebrating their anniversary. They were staying overnight in Gettysburg, but were nice enough to let us crash their anniversary for the Ghost Tour.

Sandy pointed out that orbs in photographs are really ghosts. If, so, we caught one last night! (See upper left of the photo).

She said arms and legs from amputees were buried all over the city, and pop up now and then. Ross said they should have put them in the Armory. Ed said they could have put the legs in the Leggery. What would one keep in the skullery?

It was a perfect summer evening to walk through such a cute town. We would have enjoyed staying overnight and doing a little shopping in the morning, but we decided to let the Rigby's have the town for themselves today!

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