Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pedal, Paddle, Perambulate Triathlon

Ed and I did the First Annual Bush Pedal, Paddle, Perambulate Triathlon today. We were the only participants, and also got first place! (We also placed last!) We were going to invite more people, but Ed was afraid nobody else would want to do it. He was just going along with it to make me happy! Besides, we didn't know anyone else with a kayak registered to Liberty Reservoir.

We first placed the bikes by the boat dock and the kayak by the lake at the end of our street. We then went home and started running from our house to the lake. We jumped in the kayak and paddled to the boat dock, where we grabbed our bikes and road home!

Here is a map of our route. We added a little extra on Tally Ho Court to get over 4 miles. We did it in an hour and 7 minutes, with a good deal of that time dedicated to taking our pictures! It was a fun event, and we hope to repeat it next year. Maybe we can even improve on our time!

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