Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fun in the Sun (No more rain)

Our day started with a happy visit from Uncle David, who brought Amanda’s luggage over. She was plenty happy to see it!

Ed and I went for a little walk while the kids went over to the Brady pier and started out kayaking and paddle boarding.

Rachael and Kate broke open a new jigsaw puzzle, which was a big attraction.

We had lunch on the beautiful screen porch with a view of the river.

After lunch we went back in the river. Ed and I had fun trying to ride the paddleboards, despite the fact that the breeze had picked up. We found that the paddle boards were a little more difficult in choppy water. We went into the water more than once.

My Sea Band wrist bands have given me so much confidence that I was excited to revisit sailing with David. We were out for about 45 minutes, and I loved enjoyed every minute of it! I wonder if these bands are a placebo, but I don’t really care! Whatever works!

In the afternoon Nolan went out with our neighbor to check our crab traps. He picked up about a dozen quite large Maryland blue crabs. I don’t know why they live in North Carolina. We put them in the crisper and are planning a feast for lunch tomorrow!

The crab cage right off our pier even had a crab in it!

We enjoyed sitting on the edge of the pier before going inside for dinner. David and Rachael made us a great taco dinner.

Afterwards we played a family history game to see which team could memorize 6 generations of our Baltimore ancestors the fastest.

Brittany, Bobo and Amanda were winners and got to keep the cookie sheets with the ancestor magnets. Hopefully, they can pack them in their luggage and get them on the plane! The team of outlaws (Rachael, Nolan and John) were good sports, despite their lackluster showing. One of them tried stealing a few of their opponents magnets, but that didn't even help them!

We then played harmonicas together out of some books I compiled. We sounded really terrific on them! And just to end the evening on an irreverent note, we played some rousing kazoo songs!

Special thanks to David and Rachael for letting me steal their great pictures of the day from Facebook. Animals we saw today—a skate (ray), a friendly stray dog, and 12 blue crabs who are about to meet their maker!

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