Friday, August 8, 2014

Last Day at Brady Bay

John got up early and went for a long walk with me. We tried out his new fitness watch, which seemed to be shortchanging him on steps. I like my fitbit. It gave us 9000 steps!

We stopped in a cotton field to check out the crop. It made us feel like we were really in the South.

For our last day in the fun in the sun, Ed took me out on the Sunfish, a two person sailing boat. I was a little nervous that we would flip it or become becalmed, but we (Ed) did just great and made it safely back to shore.

Everyone was happy to get right into another jigsaw puzzle. This one, however, they didn't have time to finish. Rachael's family is so good at jigsaw puzzles that they consider looking at the picture on the puzzle lid cheating!

After lunch Joan and Bobo came over and made music with us! We just barely made a dent in our books, but had so much fun singing, playing and harmonizing. It was a beautiful thing!

Some of the ladies made some extra scarves. Joan’s turtles were a work of art! She had some help from Verlene, who filled in all the blue while we were singing songs!

Our house was in charge of dinner. We made peanut curry and chana masala on rice. It turned out just great despite the fact that I forgot the main ingredient—green curry paste! Oh, well! The festive seashell and fish plates made it seem like a great meal!

After dinner we had a sibling meeting with the four of us that were there—David, Joan, Verlene and myself. We talked about planning for Mom’s 90th birthday party in 2018. Mark your calendars for Labor Day weekend that year. We’ll try to get some place to stay in Fairview for the week, but try to see if we can get everyone to show up at least on Saturday of that weekend.

Joan and Bobo had their ukuleles at the pier tonight, and we sang some of my favorite songs from our jam session, The Sloop John  B., Twist and Shout, and La Bamba. The dolphins must have loved it, as they swam right close to the dock.

To close up the evening, Kate taught us how to tango. She was lucky that her brother Sandy flew in last night, as she had taught him a few of the dance steps so they could demonstrate for us. We were impressed with the elegance and stateliness of the dance.

This was a wonderful get together and I feel so grateful to have time to spend with family and learn more about their lives and pursuits. We took one last family picture on the dock. I thought we were a terrific looking bunch!

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