Monday, November 24, 2014

33 Years Together

Ed and I celebrated our 33rd Wedding Anniversary Friday night by going to a bed and breakfast in Virginia for the night. As Ed is always looking at new ways to get places, he took me the scenic route--over the Potomac by ferry!

The small inn was L’Auberge Proven├žale, in White Post, VA. ( We had a lovely room with a nice sitting area and large bathroom.

We stopped at the factory outlet malls in Leesburg on the way, and had a very good time, judging by how much money we spent! It was nice resting by the fire before we went down to dinner.

We ate at the inn, so the cuisine was French. This meant that we barely had any idea what we were ordering. Between each course they brought out little surprises. This was a carrot, foie gras and a scallop.

And this was citrus drink with a pouch of dry ice in it! It was delicious and beautiful at the same time.

Saturday morning we enjoyed the eggs Benedict together before going exploring.
We stopped in Middleburg for a little antique shopping before moving on to the Civil War Battlefield in Manassas, Virginia. I'd been hoping to visit that site since fourth grade, when I read an Encyclopedia Brown detective story in which that battlefield played a key role.

We took the walking tour of the first battle, and the driving tour of the second battle, ending up at the old stone bridge, where it all began.

A little stop at Costco on the way home helped us get 10,000 steps on Saturday, not nearly enough to counteract the rich food we ate this weekend! It's a good thing we only have an anniversary once a year!

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  1. When Renee and I were in your area we went to Manassas Battle field as well.

    We have been doing a little traveling ourselves - Banff, Canada, Montana, etc We also did a trip to Colorado several months ago as well. The Canadian trip is on our blog if you want to see some beautiful pictures!
    Take Care,