Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a nice Thanksgiving, despite this ominous beginning. Ed read that it's nice to turn the turkey over after an hour. It would be even nicer if the juices didn't spill into the BBQ during the process. It turned out to be one of his best turkeys ever! He also, through the joy of YouTube, learned how to carve the turkey an easier and faster way!

We had the Crue crew over, which included June, Rick and Kris, Karen and Justin. They are about the closest thing we have to family here, We share a common Baltimore ancestor named Joseph Peregoy. I think we might be 6th cousins!

After we stuffed ourselves silly we went downstairs and watched football while we played pool or Bananagrams. Then we broke out the pecan pie and apple strudel and stuffed ourselves silly again! Don't you just love Thanksgiving?

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