Saturday, November 15, 2014

New Balusters

We've been thinking about getting wrought iron balusters for the house for several years now. One of us has been thinking about it more than the other one, however, but we finally got around to it.

Look what a difference it made in the back stairs! It's like we have a new house. It makes the hand railing itself look even prettier!

We have a lot of balusters but our contractor, C&S Ornamental Iron, did the entire job in a day and a half.

 It did, however take them 8 weeks to fit us into their schedule. We think it was worth waiting for.

It made the biggest difference in the front staircase.

It's so dramatic that is takes me by surprise when I walk out of the bedroom door in the morning. Even the one of us that was dragging his feet is happy about the result! And I'm completely out of any more ideas on how we could spend any more money on home improvement!

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