Friday, November 28, 2014

Decorating the House

We spent a good part of Wednesday decorating for Christmas. We wanted the house to look pretty for Thanksgiving! It was a nice snowy day, so it made the view from the conservatory particularly inviting.

Ed was in charge of the garland for the second year in a row. He didn't like it any better, but did it with a good deal less muttering than last year. He put his library of over 600 Christmas songs on random shuffle, and we just hummed along. Coda wasn't much help, but she's so cute!

It was my job to decorate the tall tree. Ed had to help with the really high spots. This is me hours before I fell off the ladder. At some point the clasp on one of the four foot sections came undone, and the ladder collapsed while I was on it. At that time I was on the left side of the tree with my back to the fireplace. I fell backwards, missing the hearth and the window, landing on my back between the hearth and smashing the lower tree branches. I didn't hit my head on anything, amazingly, nor did I even scratch myself on the sharp corner of the hearth going down! I wrenched my leg and was in some pain later that night, but woke up Thursday morning in pretty good shape! I was really lucky! (Or was I really unlucky?)

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