Monday, February 8, 2016

2 Hour Road Trip

We waited till 10:30 this morning to leave Minneapolis, hoping to wait out the blizzard in southwest Minnesota. the cats wanted to come with us, but Amanda and Nolan would miss them too much!

We drove for a few hours in a ground blizzard. We thought we might make it out of the state, but alas. there were so many accidents they closed I-90 as well as I-35. We ended up getting a hotel in Fairmont, MN. Props to the Hampton Inn that let us hang out and bring all our instruments in while we tried to decide what to do.

They even let us work out on their exercise equipment while we waited for the storm to pass.

We had lunch at the ranch, which had a large wall of artwork by Michael Garman, the artist that created Magic City in Old Colorado City.If we couldn't make it to Colorado, it was nice that someone brought a piece of Colorado to us!

We walked over to Perkins and picked up a caramel apple pie for dinner (and breakfast tomorrow). So, the day wasn't a loss, after all!

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