Friday, February 12, 2016

House Hunting

We looked at 11 houses today, and found only one that could work for us. We need a place for the grand piano, an organ, pool table, ping pong table and foosball table. Many homes had room for one or two of these items.

We also wanted a nice master suite with a large bathroom. This one had a great walk-through shower with a view of the lake.

This one had a piano bar. A bar literally shaped like a piano!

We enjoyed having Annette and Grandma come along with us, as well as Brittany. Everyone picked up on slightly different items.

We liked this house and spent quite a bit of time thinking how we could adapt it for our furniture. Sadly, we came up empty handed.

John met us in the evening and joined us for pupusas, a Salvadoran treat. They really hit the spot.

Mabel was with us all day, and was good as gold. If she had an opinion, she didn't voice it!

Tomorrow we'll visit a few more homes, as well as talk with a builder. Sadly for us, Utah is in a real building boom, so finding a builder that isn't booked out into next year will be difficult.

Meanwhile, the search continues...

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  1. That is a cute baby. I want children some day because really, who doesn't like kids? Anyways, good luck on your house hunting. They say don't get attached to homes because they can go just like that. I got really lucky with my house. It's on a 1/3 of an acre and it's beautiful.