Saturday, February 6, 2016

Best of Minneapolis

It was fun spending the day with Amanda and Nolan, and their new kitties, Flurry and Drizzle.

We went for a lovely, if not crisp walk along the shores of Lake Harriett.

We got to see a sampling of everything that Minnesota has to offer. First, ice fishing....

then cross country skiing...

an impromtu ice rink for field hockey cleared right in the lake...

Some people had nice tents on the ice. These people even built a fort around their tent.

We had dinner at Peninsula Malaysian food,

and picked up dessert at Glam Doll doughnuts across the street.

In the evening we went to see the ice castles. We couldn't figure out how they were made, but there were very pretty formations with caves and crawling places.

We came home for some cat cuddles (Flurry with Ed),

And to top it all off, we each ate one of our special doughnuts. I had the maple bar with bacon. Who would have know bacon would be so good on a doughnut?

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