Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mixing it up at Band

Ed took some pictures of us yesterday at band practice. It is fun seeing which instruments we'll play on each song as we arrange them.

Reagan is branching out this time with both cello and accordion. I was happy to get to play pennywhistle and bass. Helen is on glockenspiel, June on snare and Jen on uke in Mr. Sandman.

I love these ladies. We played for four hours and never got tired of it. (There may also have been some story telling going on!)

There was also some horsing around. When I left for a few minutes to go make a copy, I came back to find them all playing instruments they don't even know how to play! June looks like a natural on the cello!

Rockwell, our little mascot was good the whole time. His job is to let Coda in and out when she barks, and he is awesome at it!

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