Monday, November 14, 2016

Amana Colony

We had some time this morning for a little cat therapy before going sight seeing. Drizzle let Crystal cuddle him. He's loosing his hair again, and looks cute and rat-like.

Ed had some fun with Flurry, who we think has lemur-like legs. He's soft and furry.

We spent most of the day at the Amana Colonies, the home of the original radar-range ovens. They were a German communal society established in the 19th century.

Now they have a woolen mill, a furniture factory and lots of arts and craft and gift shops.

We also had a very filling family-style dinner a the Ox Yoke Inn.

We enjoyed stopping in at West Music, where Amanda works. She's in the flute department, where they sell expensive Miyazawa and Sankyo flutes. This one is made out of gold! Amanda is taking lessons and played a couple of songs for us on the flute. She was happy we were able to recognize them!

It has been great to see Amanda's new surroundings. When she tells us stories in the future we'll be able to put them in their real settings!

We got home in time for a little more cat therapy before bed. I had both cats crawl on my lap and was able to scratch them with the stiff fingers of my bad left hand! I was very proud!

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