Sunday, November 20, 2016

Musical Milestones

Since breaking my wrist October 19 and surgery to put in a plate on October 27th, I have achieved several milestones this week. I can take off a shirt by crossing my hands and gently pulling up on both sides! I can lift light objects and even use my left hand a little while putting on socks. There are still so many things I can't do, but I'm stretching the tendons and working them several times a day, specifically with music in mind.

I am able to play the piano now, and can reach an octave with my left hand (albeit, not without some discomfort)!

Brittany suggested I try the ukulele instead of the guitar or banjo. Yesterday I failed miserably, and today I can play two chords: C and G7! I am thrilled! Here is my joyous rendition of Clementine!

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