Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dinner with Midge and Bruce

We attended church in the student ward with Amanda and Nolan today. Afterwards we had lunch at Bruce and Midge's house. The Nielsons are my friend  Reagan's parents, and the only people we knew from Iowa before Amanda and Nolan moved there! We had baked crepes rolled with chicken inside and topped with Hollandaise sauce. The dinner was cranberry cake with hard lemon sauce on top. All topped with homemade rolls! Yummmmm!

Afterwards Amanda and Midge made beautiful music together on the accordion!

Bruce showed us their antique cars--a 56 Thunderbird, a 66 Mustang and a 31 Model A!

We enjoyed the relaxing afternoon in Iowa City. If we go to bed early tonight we might be able to catch up on sleep from a very fun and exciting weekend!

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