Sunday, November 27, 2016


Ed and I joined the Nuttalls for a trip to the aquarium yesterday. It's always fun to spend a day with Mabel.

Mabel actually has a little sign language movement for the word "fish" which includes moving her hands in a fishy motion. It was fun watching her make this movement at each tank!

She was amazed at the sharks swimming right over the top of us!

She liked the tree frogs!

She made her cute tiger sound when she saw the leopards!

She rode on the back of a sea turtle!

It was fun for us to see the aquarium, but mostly we were interested in getting a reaction out of Mabel!

It was smaller than the Baltimore aquarium, but just as much fun!

Afterwards we went over to Brittany's and John's to sit by the fire and listen to Christmas music. Ed had fun dancing with Mabel.

My broken wrist kept me from dancing with her, but I still had a good time reading to her! We sure like our Mabel time!

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