Saturday, July 3, 2010


We're just eating our way through the Fourth of July weekend. This afternoon Lenny and Kay invited us over to eat crabs. They live behind Miss Carol, and Lenny takes care of the horses. Amanda is an apprentice horse tender, and has gotten to know Lenny from helping him with the horses. We were really invited on Amanda's coattails. Amanda sang a song (American Anthem) for them after dinner. They're our newest Whistling Prairie fans. They even have favorite cuts off our last album.

Lenny gave us some more pointers on how to eat crabs. After 3 crabs and 1 ounce of meat, I finally gave up and just ate the shrimp (also covered in Old Bay seasoning). It was a lovely afternoon, not too hot and not humid. Lenny and Kay have a beautiful deck overlooking the horse pasture and the duck pond. We met all their family. Some of them have a Maryland accent, but I can't really figure out what really distinguishes it.

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