Saturday, July 3, 2010

Japanese Feast

We are happy that we had new friends that invited us out to dinner at Sakura last night. They had a table for 12, and when one couple couldn't make it, they said to themselves, "Who has nothing to do on a Friday night?" We were the perfect choice, as coincidentally, we had nothing to do. We were not too proud to admit it.

The two couples on the far side come from the ward to the north of us. (People in our ward maintain good friendships from other wards, even after the ward divisions. Maybe it's because they don't share a building.)

Here are Ed and I sitting by the Stephens. Kaylene was filling me full of lies. At one point she told me she had 9 children. I don't know if a woman who has raised 9 children could still be so full of spit. She has a wicked sense of humor!

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  1. Kaylene always lies....I wondered where my picture might show up! Haha-- nice blog. I'm impressed.