Friday, July 9, 2010

Trees Survive Heat

The only thing that seems unaffected by the record high temperatures are the trees and vines. You'd have to go back to 1936 to beat the heat in Baltimore. We hit 105 on Tuesday! Fortunately for us, we have air conditioning. People always ask how the weather compares with Denver. I tell them it snows more here and it gets hotter here. The past few years Denver hasn't even hit 100!

There are three vines on our 200 year old maple. The one in the middle is poison ivy, according to our Miss Carol. She's going to have Lenny come over and kill it for us. Apparently, he'll kill our vine, but he won't shoot her ground hog. The ground hog is making holes in the pasture, endangering the horses. They're going to try to trap it.

Mary and I went for a walk yesterday around the property while her daughter took a violin lesson from Amanda. We found lots of green pods on two of the trees out front. We think they are black walnuts! So many surprises!

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  1. We have been reading about your record-breaking heat in the papers here. Wow!