Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do NOT Sit On this Bench!

Amanda and I took Coda for a walk around the back yard, after which I plopped down on a bench to pet the dog. Coda rolled under the bench, then yelped. Then I yelped. We had apparently disturbed the hornets making a nest under our bench! I got stung on the left ankle and right ring finger. As I jumped up, Amanda screamed at me, "Keep running, they're after you!" I ran into the house where I grabbed a baby wipe and a pack of ice. I've been nursing myself and trying to get over the scare! Coda seems to have forgotten all about it.

Amanda looked up how to treat stings. She checked to make sure I was okay. Then, I strapped on my ice pack and went back to the scene of the crime to see what had happened. I wonder if I'll ever sit on a bench again without looking underneath it!


  1. Wow! Scary! When you have Eli over, have him tell you his bee story from last summer.

  2. Try using WD-40 to treat stings. It immediately relieves the pain and swelling.