Friday, October 29, 2010

Amanda's Mission Call

Amanda has received a great blessing. She's been called to serve in the Germany Berlin mission and will report to the MTC January 19th! She is overwhelmed by the call. It is exactly what she hoped for but didn't dare to ask for! We are so happy for her!

Thanks for all your votes. It was fun for us seeing where people guessed. She got more votes for Germany than any other country! Twelve people got it right! Coincidentally, I was one of them!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! I GASPED in AMAZEMENT when I read the news!!!
    We will have to come visit you, even as I type this Cody is there for the weekend. And just think, once your mom brushes up on her German, when you get home you and her can speak your own "secret language." We are SO, SO happy for you Amanda!

  2. Congratulations, Amanda. I am so happy for you.