Saturday, October 2, 2010

Steamboat Sojourn

What a beautiful fall day in Steamboat Springs, Colorado! This is the 10th year that the Highland Bookies have attended the Literary Sojourn sponsored by the city library. It is only the 7th time I've attended. It was hard to go in the early years when it fell on Crystal's birthday. This year there are only four of us: me, Sheryl, Nora and Diane. We wish Ann, Martha and Jan could have come. One of the problems is that you have to buy tickets months in advance. Diane came without a ticket this year, but we stopped by the library yesterday and found a bulletin board with a few names of people who had extra tickets. She scored! We made a few phone calls and were able to get a ticket 15 minutes later.

We enjoyed walking along the river yesterday but, as always, ended up going down Main Street and perusing the stores. We have several favorites, and they never disappoint us. Everyone but Nora has found a few treasures!

If you're interested in what a literary sojourn is, here is the link to their website: As much as we enjoy the sojourn, it's really about getting together with friends and enjoying one another. We also squeezed in time to talk about the books last night. We liked all the authors but one. Just in case this writer is reading my blog I won't say who he is!


  1. Perfect weather, the aspens are at their golden peak and have not yet fallen.