Saturday, October 16, 2010

Red Oak

I thought I'd post this pretty picture of a tree I looked at yesterday. We need to replace three trees that were felled in the spring, and I'm thinking this red oak might be a colorful addition to our back yard.

I realize I haven't posted for almost a week. It's because I'm resting up from my big trips. It takes a while to regroup. I don't like to write negative things in my blog, but here goes: I'm a bad mother. I forgot to email Crystal on her mission yesterday! I have lots of directions where I can cast blame, such as "who has pday on Friday?" but we (Ed and I) just forgot. Ed might be excused as his work is experiencing a major calamity right now. My chief excuses are the driveway realignment contractors stopping by yesterday, as well as the invisible fence company. The real problem is that I'm just a bad mother! To add insult to injury, the dog threw up three times this morning (so far)! Other than that, everything is great!


  1. I'm sure Crystal will understand that with all of your busy-ness it just slipped your mind. I mean honestly, you have been across the country lounging with your friends at the book club fiesta, not mention your jaunt to the happiest place on earth, and who knows where else. If she is anything like you, she will forgive you. Rest up.

  2. Oh, my goodness. You are a bad mother just like me now...

    Remember when we were in young women and we sang that song about the Live Oak Tree of something like that? That is what your red oak blog reminds me of.

    I'm sure Crystal will understand about the email, but you may want to send a package to make sure:)