Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trunk or Treat

Guess who this is, all dressed up for Halloween! Crystal made this costume last year (with a significant amount of help from Judy). I'm sure she is glad her father dusted it off for the ward trunk-or-treat!

It is a Nacho Libre costume. We named him the Denominator. Notice the division sign on his chest!

I dressed up as a banana. We made quite the couple! We had two trick-or-treaters tonight. It was a sad night! But, the good news was that the boys that came to our house knew our dog. They were so excited to be reunited with Coda. They were the family that picked her up when she briefly ran away from home a few weeks ago.

Brother Bloom, in our ward, did a pumpkin head carving of Brother Murdock. It is incredibly lifelike. Brother Bloom (the carver) is a dental student. I'd say that if that doesn't work out for him, he has a definite future in pumpkin heads!


  1. Love the pumkin head. I think dentist have to be somewhat artistic when they match teeth. Sorry, you did not have many trick or treaters we had maybe 50. Last year we had zero. Maybe the neighbors are watching, and have decided we are safe. We had a couple of repeat customer, so we must giving away what kids like. It was okay, because they were little and they dressed up and they loved my dog. You and Ed look good in your costumes.

  2. Ah, yes. I remember the denominator costume. What a riot!

  3. Wow, I heard about that pumpkin, that is awesome! Who knew Bro. Bloom was so talented...!