Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happiest Place on Earth

Ed and I went to the Happiest Place on Earth today. Ed had a convention in Orlando, so I tagged along and we spent the day in Disney World. It is enough like Disneyland to make us feel at home, and enough different (from the Disneyland of 10 years ago) to make it interesting. 

It was all decked out for Halloween. The theme seemed to fit right in to the Cinderella story. We liked the Monsters Inc. Laugh exhibit so much that we went twice. The second time I got to be on camera. They asked me some questions, and I was very good! The show is different every time, but it helped to have seen the show once before my big camera moment! They have cartoon characters interacting with the audience. I don't know how they do it. Ed laughed with me or at me, I'm not sure which.
For Ed this is a working vacation. Here he is, freshly soaked from Splash Mountain, answering some emails. He had to go back to the convention at 5. I'm going to go for a dip in the pool!


  1. It truely looks like the happiest place on earth. Mom is staying overnight and leaving in the morning. I tried to talk her into staying one more night because the high country is suppose to get snow overnight. Ed was willing, but not Mom, she wants to get home. Did you notice you have one more follower. Our time was short, but productive.

  2. Wow! Mom is now my follower! Thanks for making that happen, Verlene!