Saturday, October 16, 2010

Amanda's Mission Papers

Original picture
Big head picture
Amanda submitted her mission papers, and we're now waiting to see where she'll go. We got an email from the Stake President yesterday saying she needed a new picture with a solid background, and only shoulders and head. So, we took a new picture and sent it in yesterday. So, hopefully, in about 2 or three weeks she'll be getting a mission call!


  1. Now that the mission paperwork has been submitted it becomes a waiting game. I can hardly wait to here where Amanda is going. Love the red oak, they will bring color to the year. You need one of the bright yellow bushes we so in Europe, that Brittany knew what the were call, but I can't recall. Sorry, Cota is throwing up. We had to take Brandy to the Vet the last time she was throwing up, but she was also acting lethargic.

  2. We are anxious to hear about the call when it comes it!!! How exciting.

  3. Can I vote twice, once for me and once for Paul?