Saturday, November 27, 2010

Amanda Goes to the Temple

Yesterday we took Amanda to the temple in Washington DC, in preparation for her leaving on her mission in January. It was nice to have Brittany home to go with her. It was a nicer way to spend Black Friday than fighting the crowds at the shopping mall.

Carol (from Greeley) and Randy and Sharon (from NYC) were also able to go with us. Amanda had a great opportunity in Germany two years ago to discuss the gospel with Randy while he was investigating the church. It was like completing the circle for him to be here to go to the temple with us as Amanda prepares to return to Germany to serve a full time mission.


  1. So how soon after Amanda leaves does Crystal come home? Wow so awesome having all three of your girls serve missions!

  2. Amanda leaves the middle of January and Crystal comes home the end of April. We'll have 3 1/2 months of empty nesting before another little chickadee comes back.