Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Anniversary Dinner

Ed and I went out with Amanda Saturday night to celebrate our 29th Wedding Anniversary, which was actually on Sunday. We enjoyed the leftovers on Sunday. You can see these are pretty large cuts of Prime Rib!

It's been a great 29 years together, and we're very grateful for all the blessings we have enjoyed over the years. We are proud of our daughters and their ability to make good choices in their lives. We're happy to have good friends and supportive family. We're grateful for the gospel, which grounds us. We're grateful for one another and the opportunity to enjoy the journey together.


  1. Happy 29th!! We wish you 29 more happy years together!! And I can't WAIT to see what new "Family Rules" are added to the list by then! :-)

  2. Happy Anniversary slash Thanksgiving.

  3. As I remember it, I first experienced black Friday with you in LA right after you got married. Billings did not have much of a black Friday.

  4. Happy anniversary, you two. You make it look too easy! (It's fun to see photos of you in the clothes we picked out on our way to Sojourn!)