Monday, November 15, 2010

Sea Glass Hunting

Carol, my friend from Billings came to town to see her new grandbaby. Who ever thought two girls from Billings would meet in Baltimore? Carol and her husband Dennis have a hobby of picking up sea glass. This is just broken bottles that have been worn down and washed ashore. They taught me how to look for really good pieces of glass (color, erosion, size).

I got some real treasures, as you can see in these pictures.  The left dish is from Sandy Point and the right from Terrapin Park, two parks that anchor both sides of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge by Annapolis. Treasure or trash? You be the judge!

We took our picture by two giant penguins at Sandy Point. They apparently have a parade of lights during the holidays, and we got a little sneak preview today!



  1. Sounds about as fun as hunting for agates :)

  2. Did you tell Carol the leaverite story?

  3. Just goes to show some of us never grow up and can have fun together so many years later.. and I never could have guessed an outing on the Chesapeake Bay...