Saturday, November 6, 2010

Canasta Caliente

One of the great desires of my life has been to learn how to play Canasta. Thanks to our Relief Society Service auction in August, that desire has now been fulfilled. I bought a card night at the auction, and the Rhees's came over last night to deliver that service. They are experts, so we played boys against the girls. I'm happy to say the girls won by 10 points (out of 3000 each). That is some pretty stiff competition. 

I think we're going to have invest in our own deck of Canasta cards. The outside of the box says "Canasta Caliente is the hot, hot, hot rummy game with Latin flair and a Bossa Nova beat!" Who wouldn't want to own a deck of cards like that?

It was also fun getting to know Camie and Rhett! 


  1. Judy it was soo fun for us too! or Hot hot hot like that game would say! We'll have to play again soon! At least give the guys a second chance!

  2. and you guys even match, what a team you are!