Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hobby Lobby at Last!

Yesterday I sent an urgent text to Carrie, which said, "I heard there's a new Hobby Lobby in Columbia." She answered back immediately,  "Where are you right now? I'll meet you and we'll go." It's nice to have a friend who will drop anything for a trip to the world's greatest craft store. Up till last month there was no Hobby Lobby in the entire state of Maryland. Amanda told me she had a friend who just started working at a new one in Columbia. It was the one store I really missed from Colorado. Michael's and Joanne's are just not a good substitute!

It was a successful day. Carrie and I both found some real treasures!


  1. Looks like a hugh Hobby Lobby.

  2. That is very good news! We just got another one in Lakewood--close to Michael's. So, I'm in a crafter's heaven over here:)

  3. I'm feeling the void my direction!