Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Basement Almost Done

We got the carpeting installed yesterday, and the basement is almost complete. It was so fun to put the furniture out and try to arrange things today.

I hate putting so many pictures on one posting, but this is one big basement!

We used arches to cover two sets of two poles on each side. We had them put a bench in each arch with storage underneath it.

We got a brown carpet with a subtle pattern in it.

We cut out the stairway to open it up to the basement, just like we had done in Broomfield.

The kitchen turned out great with the cabinets and granite from our original kitchen.

We got a nice double vanity with granite top from Costco.

We have a separate tub and toilet room off the room with the sinks.

The bedroom has a day bed that can open up into two twin beds. It's been a fun journey, and we're glad it's almost over. We'll be happy to not have any more drywall dust footprints (and pawprints) messing up the wood floors upstairs!


  1. Your basement is so big! It turned out beautiful. All the experience you have in remodeling basements has really paid off.

  2. Wow, your basement looks amazing. It looks like you are prepared for kids to move back in. P.S. your oldest and her boyfriend and my youngest girl make a lot of noise when you put them in the same room. And now, thanks to Brittany, Bobo wants to be a "biologist".

  3. Too bad Maryland is a little bit far away from Louisville or else I'd ask if I can move in! Although, it's not too far away for me to visit! :) Looks great!

  4. That is one big, glorious basement. Congratulations!