Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jambalaya by the Black Eyed Susans

This is the Black Eyed Susans practicing Jambalaya for the Rose Ball this Saturday night. We're missing Cindy and Tricia (who sings the solo on verse 2). Tricia also plays the bass, but Kaylene was sporting to play the bass for the video. (This was the first time she'd even picked it up). Tricia, if you're reading this, we expect you to play with us on Saturday night!

Helen plays a wicked fiddle! Mary's cougar band marching skills really come out on her tambourine playing! Hazel (Mary's granddaughter) also gets into the act!

Carrie adds her two cents worth on the end...

I made this recording because I was inspired by my sister Joan's video of her old lady band. (Joan is 10 years younger than I am, and hardly qualifies to call herself an old lady).  If you'd like to see her band, click on this link I thought they were great!


  1. Yee Haw! That was great. The violin adds so much. And the dancing baby. I need dancing babies :)

    I was singing this with your over grown baby this weekend and she said she'd never heard all the words before. She said she knew the song cause she listened to you learn it on the banjo, but you would only sing along in snippets.

    That's why musicians are so smart cause we figure out how to do eight or nine things all at the same time!

  2. I see you found a good use for the basement. Dancing baby is ever so cute, until she lost interest.

  3. The "dancing baby" is PRECIOUS! Great sideshow to consider...

  4. Love that song! Now I see what Joan was talking about with the "dancing baby."