Sunday, April 10, 2011

To the Symphony

Friday night Ed and I went to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Jon and Sara had given us a gift certificate for Christmas. We decided to use it for the Paul McCartney concert (easing our way into symphonic music). The Meyerhoff Auditorium was an interesting building. We found our seats through a maze that resembled a secret passageway.

The cellos had a great solo on Cello Submarine. We enjoyed hearing Brother Campora (Amanda's former home teacher) playing the bass trombone solo on Eleanor Rigby. The second half of the program featured a band with the orchestra. The lead singer had some sound/intonation problems early in the second half. The band didn't compare favorably with Rain (another Beatles revival group), who we saw a few years ago. But, all in all, we enjoyed experiencing a new part of Baltimore. Thanks to Jon and Sara for getting us out of the house and out on the town.

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